Our history

Our association is called “GRUPPO FOTOAMATORI SARONNESI” and its origins goes back to a previous group of photographers which belonged to some photography lovers from Saronno.

The new club was founded in 1969 thanks to Mr. Carlo Busnelli (President), with Mr. Fusi, Roth and Cordini, including the City Library who used to be leader in cultural initiatives.

After writing the statute in 1970 and defining aims and rules of the newborn cultural association, the club organized various events, so that it reached the number of 35 sympathizers in 1971.

The statute has been reviewed and updated in 2009 by the former President Avv. Guglielma Vaccaro, and is still in force.

Many headquarters have changed through the years.

First headquarter, for one year, was the reception room of the former weaving factory in Viale Santuario and then, for another year, the club moved to a flat owned by the Red Cross in via Felice Carcano. Hereafter, the club was based once a week in Salone della Società di Mutuo Soccorso in via San Giuseppe.

Since 1974, for many years, the club was based in Palazzo della Ex Pretura. In the hall, at  ground floor, there were public, free exhibitions and shows.

Year by year, the members number varies between twenty-seven and thirty-nine.

There were many photographic events attended by authors from outside Saronno. The authors used to show up personal exhibitions or diapositive, advertised by the Civic Library.

Among the most important events, we remember the International Photographic Art Contest “La Ciucchina”, which took place in 1979, 1981 and 1984. The contest was divided in 3 section with free topic ( b/w print, color print, color diapositive). Each edition has its catalogue with all the awarded works, pointed out by a high quality jury. 


The club today

The Gruppo Fotoamatori Saronnesi  (GFAS) aim is to spread photography 360 degrees.

The group promotes various activity:

  •          -       discussion and critique nights
  • -       portfolio viewing and members’ photographic work show
  • -       external guests dedicated nights (photo clubs or professional and non-professional photographers)
  • -       shooting and editing dedicated nights
  • -       common photographic projects
  • -       portfolios and themed internal contests
  • -       famous authors detailed studies
  • -       organization of photographic trips and exhibition visits
  • -       exhibition and photographic events participation
  • -       presentation of our work to other photo clubs
  • -       themed workshop with professional photographers
  • -       organization of conferences and lectures by authors
  • -       organization of photography classes (beginners and advanced), audiovisuals classes

Since 2005, the GFAS organizes the photographic event “Saronno Fotofestival”. The event has got the sponsorship of Comune di Saronno and Provincia di Varese, and it is at its 12th edition.

It takes place between September and October every year, and it lasts two weekends.

The proposed initiatives are the following:

. inauguration of the festival with presentation of exhibitions and events

. photographic exhibitions in different places, both private and public venues, with national and international professional authors

. meetings with the authors, themed conferences

. portfolios viewing


The GFAS gathers every week on Mondays at 9 PM, in via Petrarca 1 ang. via Piave, Saronno.